TabletTV launches in San Francisco

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 31 December 2014

TabletTV has launched in the San Francisco Bay Area, in partnership with San Francisco's KOFY-TV. True to its name, the service offers tablet owners live broadcast television.

TabletTV goes for a one-time fee of $89.95 for a start-up kit, which includes a T-Pod unit and the iOS-compatible TabletTV App. The Android-compatible App is expected to be available in 2015 when viewers will be able to receive direct free over-the-air television transmissions to their tablet devices utilising existing ATSC distribution. Broadcast channels include all terrestrial network and local channels available, dependent on the reception condition of the area.

Tablet TV LLC has also launched its integrated marketing campaign, including digital and social media, and television spots all targeted in the San Francisco Bay Area market of more than 7.4 million people. TV spots marketing TabletTV have started running on KOFY-TV and on the local Bay Area MeTV affiliate.

Following the launch in San Francisco, TabletTV expects to roll out to major markets across the US, and said that it would soon add video-on-demand (VOD) and subscription VOD.