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Thread: SD Channel issue

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    SD Channel issue

    Hi guys,

    Anyone aware of anything going off with SD channels.
    I have just noticed in my log the following,

    • 2014/12/31 21:50:51 B7200588 r slyuk [videoguard2] classD3 ins54: no cw --> Card needs pairing/extra data
    • 2014/12/31 21:50:51 B7217A20 c eclipse2 (0963&000000/FFFF/0F1F/85:16135A053DF1208EE31D46B41FC899A4): not found (300 ms) by slyuk - Cartoon Network

    Seems like an SD channel Cartoon Network is no longer clearing.


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    Re: SD Channel issue

    This also goes for me - Cartoon Network UK on 28.2 went bust... I thought it was because of the weak signal from this transponder here - about 6db.

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