Major Euro broadcaster draws on Vizrt for broadcast graphics

DetailsEditor | 02 January 2015

Real-time 3D graphics, studio automation, sports analysis and asset management firm Vizrt has announced a $776,000 deal for the implementation of broadcast graphics products with a major European broadcaster.

The contract for the end-to-end graphics solution for control room and studio is designed to enable the as yet unnamed company the ability to expand its news production capabilities. It includes a selection of Vizrt products such as Viz Engine, Viz World, Viz Trio, Viz GraphicHub, ContentPilot, Viz Ticker, NLE and Viz Multiplay.

Viz Engine is claimed to be one of today´s most powerful rendering engines and real-time compositors of graphics and video while Multiplay encompasses integrated media asset management to gives broadcasters a way to control studio screen and video wall content from a single interface. Ticker makes it possible to build graphic tickers with flexibility while Pilot is a content and control system that bridges the newsroom and control room.