Andalucía TV halts international satellite distribution

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02 January 2015

Spanish regional network Andalucía TV has stopped worldwide distribution via satellite and is now only available for an international audience through the Internet.

However, the channel is increasing its distribution on pay-TV platforms inside Spain, launching on Movistar TV, ONO and the northern Spanish cable operator Telecable.

Telefónica's cable platform and ONO are also broadcasting the network's original channel Canal Sur TV through their regional feeds solely for Andalusia, while the international feed will be distributed through the entire territory.

As has happened with many other regional public networks, Andalucía TV has decided to reduce expenses by ditching satellite distrubution and instead using the Internet as a cheap way to reach a wider audience. On 31 December the satellite signal went black and is now only available on

Andalucía TV's line-up is based on original programmes produced by RTVA, Radio Televisión de Andalucía, and its two regional channels Canal Sur TV and Canal Sur 2. By exclusively broadcasting in-house content, the network avoids copyrights issues with movies and series when airing outside the southern region of Spain.