Arsat to improve Argentina's FTA coverage

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04 January 2015

Argentina's national satellite operator, Arsat, will be powering wider coverage for the country's free-to-air (FTA) TV network once its Arsat-2 satellite is fully operative, by the end of this year.

arsattelamAlthough Arsat-1 was launched recently, Arsat-2 is already built and scheduled to be launched in the summer.

According to Arsat's president, Matías Bianchi, speaking to the news agency Telam, Argentina is planning to cover 85% of the country with terrestrial stations and the remaining 15% through both satellites by 2016.

Argentina's FTA digital TV currently broadcasts 16 national channels - TV Pública, Encuentro, Paka Paka, TaTeTi, Incaa TV, Tecnópolis TV, Construir TV, DeporTV, Vivra, Arpeggio, Viajar, CN23, C5N, Telesur, 360 TV and RT - plus various local signals.

Arsat-1, the first satellite of the network, was successfully launched last October, and started operating fully before the end of the year. The whole network aims to improve Internet services throughout the country, strengthen its DTT network and contribute to audiovisual content distribution from Argentina to the rest of Latin America and the US.