CES 2015: Quickplay to integrate Android TV support for content discovery

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 06 January 2015

Digital video uptake has ushered in a period of industry disruption, with incumbents and challengers alike embarking on a transformation to next generation TV in order to offer the most compelling content and a personalised experience in the home or on the go. To help move that along, Quickplay has announced support for Android TV within its developer support tools.

Quickplay's discovery and content management back office for third-party developers and front-end software offers a virtual head-end that provides over 200 programmer interfaces, hundreds and thousands of titles and nearly 700 live channels. Now, it will also include an Android TV reference user experience for live and video-on-demand (VOD) services, supporting Android set-top boxes as well as companion devices.

"We built Quickplay to help providers unshackle from legacy systems and quickly scale new growth engines, like premium OTT video and IPTV to any device," said Wayne Purboo, CEO of Quickplay. "The open approach we are taking with our next-generation experience solution will help providers offer the best premium user experience ... We are thrilled to be working with leading providers in User Experience (UX) and middleware to bring truly open and best-of-breed solutions to the market."