FilmBox Premium Channel open for business in Hungary

DetailsEditor | 06 January 2015

FilmBox and SPI International have opened the doors to the former's rebranded FilmBox Premium flagship film channel in Hungary.

The launch saw not just a rebranding but also a restructuring of the company's local country team in Budapest, which now handles all operations in Hungary including the distribution of TV channels and further expansion of the FilmBox Live multiscreen VOD platform.

The new Hungarian team launched FilmBox Premium to replace the FilmBox Extra channel in the country.

"We want to make sure that our subscribers have total clarity as to which one of our numerous channels carries the most recent movie premieres and new TV series," commented FilmBox International executive director Berk Uziyel. "SPI International strongly believes in the Hungarian market, which has already given us the opportunity to successfully run our theatrical distribution and operate FilmBox brand movie channels ... This new team, under the leadership of Tamas Fulop, is now handling all operations and making our business grow in order to achieve very ambitious goals which we have set forth for 2015."