Mexico delivers DTT-ready TVs to avoid switch-off delay

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06 January 2015

Looking to extend digital TV technology among the population so the country's analogue switch-off can finally take place, the Mexican Government has announced it will deliver over a million DTT-ready screens in the coming months.

The Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) says it has already started to deliver the TVs in the capital area in order to extend the technology among lower income families.

The measure has been criticised via social networks, however, as the country is making a huge financial commitment to deploy the DTT network while the poorest of the population are said to have more important needs. In fact, according to recently published national statistics, in Mexico it is more common to have a TV than fresh water in the home.

But DTT deployment is moving forward and the switch-off has been set for the first half of 2015, although it was initially scheduled for November 2013.

The last delay was announced in December 2014, when the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones also announced that a huge portion of the population may be left with no TV coverage, a situation which may lead to protests such as those seen last year.

According to the digital transition regulation, the switch-off can't begin in any area where over 10% of population don't have the necessary technology to watch TV.