CES 2015: Mozilla, Panasonic team for Firefox interactive interface

DetailsEditor | 07 January 2015

Web software company Mozilla has joined Panasonic to create a new interactive and customisable Firefox OS user interface for Panasonic's new Life+Screen TVs.

Availability of the interface will begin by the Q1/Q2 2015 period and it is claimed to ease user access to content including live TV, applications, websites and content on other devices. For the first time, Panasonic TVs powered by Firefox OS will allow TV on-screen notifications from applications, and, in the future, from compatible connected appliances.

"We've made it easy to find your favourite content and applications or customise the user interface on our Life+ Screen 4K/Ultra HD smart TVs, powered by Firefox OS," said Yuki Kusumi, director of the home entertainment business division of appliances company of Panasonic. "Firefox OS uses open Web technologies, which allow us to maximise compatibility with other devices like smartphones and laptops to send content (such as your favourite photos or videos) to your TV."

"Firefox OS powering everything from smartphones to a new category of devices like TVs and streaming devices proves the flexibility and power of the Web as the platform," added Mozilla CTO Andreas Gal. "We're excited about the collaboration with Panasonic to offer the first TVs powered by Firefox OS because it offers consumer and developers a customised and easy to use way to take their Firefox Web experience across devices."