Copaco plans IPTV investments

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 07 January 2015

Paraguay's stated-owned telco Compañía Paraguaya de Comunicaciones (Copaco) has announced it no longer in the red so is planning in the improvement of its IPTV and fibre networks.

copacorogelioAccording to Rogelio Benítiz, president of Copaco, speaking to the Paraguayan newspaper Última Hora, the public telco has registered utilities for $3.1 million during 2014 which have driven $633,000 profit.

The figures may not seem that impressive, but they are actually very positive for the telco, as it had lost nearly $22 million between 2011 and 2013. The president says rationalisation of expenses is the key factor which brought the company back to profit.

The operator says it is ready to start investing again and for 2015 plans to invest between $100 and $120 million to change old copper cable to fibre optic cable, enabling it to improve IPTV and broadband services.

With nearly 400,000 telecom users in the country, the IPTV offer is still the weakest part of Copaco's strategy, as the telco has only managed to attract 2,500 subs to the interactive TV platform since it was launched two years ago.