Polish viewers have stated a clear preference for new over HD channels on what will be the countryís eighth DTT multiplex (MUX-8).

Quoting a study produced by MEC, Wirtualne Media adds that when asked about the genres they most favoured, respondents chose film channels (69%) above all others, followed by travel/documentary channels (49%), channels with foreign series (32%) and lifestyle channels (23%).

Childrenís channels (13%) were at the foot of the list.

Around three quarters of respondents stated a clear preference for new channels over HD versions of existing services, with HD channels most favoured among male viewers and ones living in cities with a population of over 500,000.

The most favoured channels were Discovery (76%), followed by those from the TVN Group (62%) and Polsat (59%), with those from ZPR Media (30%) and Agora (26%) the least popular.