Ofcom is to tell the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC) that the UK opposes the colocation of mobile services in the band currently used by DTT service.

Ofcom has been outlining its position following last June’s consultation on the subject. The majority of responses agreed with Ofcom’s proposal for the UK to oppose a coprimary mobile allocation in the 470 – 694 MHz.

In addition to the impact on the delivery of digital terrestrial television there is also concern that the fast moving mobile broadband environment meant that opposing a co-primary mobile allocation would be too short-term a view.

The statement has been welcomed by Digital UK, which manages the development and strategy of the DTT platform. Chief Executive, Jonathan Thompson said: “We welcome Ofcom’s continued support for DTT and are pleased that it plans to oppose the further expansion of mobile services into airwaves used by Freeview at WRC-15. While we all recognise the growing demand for spectrum, Ofcom’s position highlights the importance of terrestrial television to the UK and need to protect the interests of millions of viewers.”

The communications regulator is the UK’s representative at the conference that takes place in Geneva between November 2 and 27, 2015.