CES 2015: MINT freshens UXP Systems with Ericsson partnership

DetailsEditor | 08 January 2015

As part of its programme to show CES 2015 its capabilities in improving TV operators' users' experiences, Ericsson is collaborating with UXP Systems to deploy the MINT Unified Services Platform on its Mediaroom IPTV platforms.

MINT is designed to allow operators to simplify next-generation user access and on-boarding, and create universal profiles for personalised experiences, potentially enhancing operators' abilities to monetise next generation services, provide a consistent, personalised user experience across all screens, and maximise competitive position in the markets they serve.

"The collaboration between Ericsson Mediaroom and UXP Systems' MINT Unified Services Platform empowers Ericsson to provide operators with the most compelling TV services," said Ericsson vice president of marketing of product area Mediaroom Ben Huang, in between a busy CES 2015 schedule in which the company's middleware was demonstrated. "Personalisation will be at the forefront of the viewing experience, allowing users to create their personal profiles, receive video-on-demand recommendations, and blend cloud services into their TV profiles."

Indeed MINT works across both Ericsson Mediaroom and Ericsson Mediaroom Reach platforms today, providing a converged user experience across all devices. The result, said the company, are flexible user access management capabilities for customer journeys embracing user options supporting freemium models and guest accounts without changes to existing BSS/OSS infrastructure. These also can provide universal user profiles, delegated access and hierarchy management for all members of the household across all services and devices.

"Ericsson Mediaroom is leading the way in terms of personalisation and integrating traditional content with over-the-top (OTT) content. However, many operators still don't have the flexibility in their back-office subscriber platforms to accommodate OTT user on-boarding, create user profiles and integrate personal cloud services into IPTV," added Jim MacDonald, vice president sales & marketing at UXP Systems, explaining what he regarded as being the benefits to operators. "By combining the MINT unified services platform with the ... Ericsson Mediaroom platform, operators can transform offerings and provide integrated, user-centric experiences across any screen."