CES 2015: Harmonic beefs up OTT multiscreen security with PlayReady

DetailsEditor | 08 January 2015

Video delivery infrastructure provider Harmonic has struck a note with Microsoft to integrate its ProMedia Origin multiscreen media servers with PlayReady DRM technology.

By supporting PlayReady, Harmonic says its video solutions can provide video content and service providers with a versatile and scalable content protection solution for the secure deployment of live and time-shift TV, cloud DVR and video on-demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT) services on a range of connected devices, ranging from mobile phones and tablets to game consoles to net-top and set-top boxes.

Harmonic believes that streamlining the OTT multiscreen ecosystem to a unified DRM technology significantly reduces the time to market for high value video services while minimising workflow complexity and points of failure. It regards Microsoft's PlayReady technology as including a variety of features for live TV applications including key rotation, which is designed to provide more robust content protection for OTT multiscreen services, while simplifying operations, minimising service interruption, and reducing costs.

"Consumer demand for OTT multiscreen services continues to grow at a rapid pace, making it challenging for content owners and service providers to protect and deliver content to an increasing array of platforms and device types," said Microsoft director media strategy Chris Santini. "This technology collaboration plays off the strengths of both companies, simplifying the security and delivery of live, VOD, and cloud DVR services while ensuring enhanced protection of high value content."