The take-up of fibre-optic and cable broadband continues to grow steadily in Hungary.

Data published by the regulator NMHH shows that as of the end of November there were 1,017,496 cable broadband subscriptions, of which close to half (543,049) were via DOCSIS 3.0.

Meanwhile, the number of broadband subscriptions via FTTx stood at 388,528 and the xDSL total stood at 781,900.

The incumbent Magyar Telekom remained the leading provider of broadband services, with a market share of 35.7%.

It was followed by UPC (21.9%), Digi (14.1%), Invitel (9.5%) and a number of smaller providers headed by Tarr (2.6%), ViDaNet (2.6%), PR-Telekom (2%), GTS Hungary (0.6%) and Parisat (0.5%).