ZDFNeo to examine gender roles

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 09 January 2015

German public broadcaster ZDFNeo has commissioned a season of Armoza's social experiment Re-Gender, in partnership with SEO Entertainment. Locally named Sexchange, the factual format explores gender stereotypes.

Previously aired on Israel's Channel 10, Re-Gender is a provocative social experiment that gives five men and women the chance to really experience life as the opposite gender, exploring both their own nature and that of the opposite sex. What do men really think? What do women really want? The five participants will go through life-changing transformations whether a staunch feminist who will learn to see the man's perspective or a self-acclaimed misogynist who, both physically and metaphorically, will find himself in a woman's shoes and will never think about gender roles in the same way again.

"The field of gender related topics is a massive and absolute relevant social issue these days," said Uwe von Grafenstein & Gillad Osterer, managing partners of SEO Entertainment GmbH."Sexchange has huge appeal to all kinds of audiences combined with the clever reality TV storytelling, which results in a TV show that both entertains the viewers and gives them a deep insight into the mechanism of a society."

ZDFneo recently partnered with Armoza on the first season of a celebrity interview format with a twist, dubbed How To Be, which led to a 40% increase in share for the channel.