Magine throws in the towel in Spain

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 11 January 2015

After 18 months operating in beta, open for all viewers, and after postponing its official launch several times, the Swedish streaming platform Magine TV has decided to quit its Spanish adventure.

The company will now focus on its home country and Germany, as well as studying future launches in the UK and the US. Its offering of pay-TV and free-to-air (FTA) channels through an open streaming platform failed to catch the Spanish audience, which tends to show reluctance to paying for audiovisual content.

Although the trend seems to be slowly changing and pay-TV platforms are growing, Magine TV is said to have had many reports pointing to a saturated TV market, and the platform was advised against a commercial launch in Spain.

Without giving further explanation, Magine will switch off the beta version from February and will abandon Spain to focus on strengthening the platforms in Sweden and Germany, where it has been operating commercially since April 2014.

Although there is no official communication yet, sources from the company have also suggested that the streaming platform is studying its launch in the UK and the US, two TV markets much stronger than the Spanish one.