OnDIRECTV showcases Sundance Film Festival

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 11 January 2015

DIRECTV's Latin America cable network, OnDIRECTV, is planning to showcase films from the Sundance Film Festival this winter, along with other new fare.

To celebrate the next edition of Robert Redford's famed event, OnDIRECTV will show These include the Bellflower (2011) Wasteland (2012) dramas, and the documentary Cocaine Cowboys (2006), based on the arrival of the drug to Miami in the 80s.

The network will also show Pioneers of TV, the PBS documentary series dedicated to presenting the visionaries behind landmark TV. Topics include police, the success of stand-up comedians, medical dramas and miniseries.

Aimed at adrenaline junkies, the network will show Braquo, a French police series created by former cop-turned-screenwriter and filmmaker Olivier Marchal, and Velvet, a Spanish melodrama set in a luxurious fashion gallery in the 1960s.

Other shows include the BAFTA Britannia Awards, and the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.