Alentha gets Hapy in LATAM, US

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13 January 2015

US company Alentha is to launch Hapy, a new wellbeing platform to be distributed by pay-TV and Internet operators in Latin America and the Hispanic market in the US.

hapylogoThe platform will offer programming to promote wellness and health and direct contact with doctors. The service is available on TVs and computers and will include HD video-calling, videos, chats and phone calls integrated into one platform.

Pay-TV operators will offer Hapy as a premium service, although more details about pricing and distribution will be unveiled during the launch which will take place at Natpe Miami on 20 January.

"With the extraordinary infrastructure they have built over the years and with the direct relationships they have established with consumers, pay-TV and Internet operators are uniquely positioned to lead the offering of telehealth and virtual healthcare services directly into the home. This is one of the fastest growing business segments globally and we are very proud to be the first ones to provide them with a cutting-edge service designed specifically for their platforms," said Guillermo Sierra, founder and CEO of Alentha.

Hapy subs will also have access to a catalogue of video-on-demand (VOD) content with specialised services from US doctors and medical institutions.