Egatel powers Algerian DTT extension

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 14 January 2015

Algeria's digital TV network is to be strengthened with 42 new DTT stations, transmitters and antenna systems in a project funded by Algerian public broadcasting company TDA and implemented by Spain's Egatel.

egatelalgeriaThe equipment purchased by TDA will allow for the extension of DTT coverage throughout Algeria.

95% of the agreement is based on the supply of broadcast equipment, but the project also includes technical training, the installation of three of the 42 transmitters as well as the commissioning of the broadcasting stations. The project is estimated to take 22 weeks.

The deal will mean around €2 million for Egatel, which has called the project "important and strategic" and says that it reinforces the company's presence in the country. It's not the first time the Ourense-based company has worked in Algeria - it also won a contract a year ago to supply a digital transmitter to be installed in Djefla.

The contract signed between TDA and Egatel also involves the collaboration of the PMS Group which is providing technical support and the necessary customer service in Algeria.