Globo picks up Emmy for telenovela

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 15 January 2015

Globo has unveiled the star of its catalogue's for NATPE 2015: the winner of the International Emmy Awards for best soap opera, Precious Pearl.

preciouspearlAccording to the Brazilian production house, the mix of the love story, cinematic scenes in the Himalayas, and historical sets and costumes led to Precious Pearl winning the 2014 Emmy for telenovelas. The production adds to a NATPE portfolio which is already full of Latin drama.

In Brazil, the soap opera had an average rating of 21 points and a 46% share, reaching over 26 million viewers per day, according to Ibope figures revealed by Globo. The telenovela's official hashtag was mentioned 80,000 times, corresponding to 58% of the total volume of simultaneous online comments. Aired in Portugal, on the Globo basic channel, the show is daily ranked among the five most watched pay-TV shows in the country.

Through 110 x 60' episodes, the soap opera tells the story of a Brazilian millionaire whose life is saved by Buddhist monks in 1934. For the Himalayan scenes, the Precious Pearl crew spent 20 days in Nepal shooting in the cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. They also shot in Bungamati, which is a 16th-century village, as well as at the Golden Temple, and at the Shechen Monastery.

Precious Pearl features popular faces from the telenovela scene such as Josť de Abreu and Marcos Caruso (Brazil Avenue), Carolina Dieckmann (Her Own Destiny), Nathalia Dill (The Enchanted Tale), Thiago Lacerda and Rafael Cardoso (The Life We Lead), and Mariana Ximenes (Pepper Chocolate).