Tremor Video passes 40 brands for programmatic video platform

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 16 January 2015

Tremor Video has announced that Bonnier Corp, USA TODAY Sports, Young Hollywood and 40 other publishers have signed on to use its programmatic video platform for premium publishers.

Tremor Video's platform provides publishers the tools and controls to manage inventory across platforms and devices. Compliant with IAB's Open RTB 2.2 specifications, the platform uses server-to-server integrations with demand sources to facilitate a robust auction environment, helping maximise revenue and fill rates. The controls provide transparency tools, and allow publishers to create invite only auctions or private marketplaces, so only selected advertisers have the opportunity to buy a given publisher's inventory.

"Tremor Video has a successful track record of working with premium video publishers and we believe we understand their needs better than platforms that come from a display and direct response world," said Manish Jha, president, of publisher platforms at Tremor.

"The reason that leading content brands like USA TODAY Sports, Young Hollywood, the portfolio of brands housed under Bonnier Corp and 40 others have signed on to leverage our platform is that Tremor Video brings expertise, tools, and services that protect publishers incumbent businesses, while helping them maximise the value of exploding digital video consumption across devices."

Publishers are also able to leverage first- and third-party data and expose inventory and data selectively to advertisers, and publishers can define advertiser- and category-level black and white lists to manage potential sales channel conflicts in their direct advertiser relationships.