enigma2 : patched 4.0: 01.05.2015: by ramiMAHER

Auf dem Feed liegen Updates bereit.
- New feature: tag bouquet services
- new feature: press "play" in MovieSelection for playing all remaining files in current directory (starting with selected file)
- CaidDisplay: some improvements
- PiconMapper: switch to TemplatedMultiContent
- PiconMapper: fix issue with wrong serviceref assignment
- add new renderer / converter for display of movie poster
- changes to enable / disable display
- lancontrol2: add missing
- PiconCleaner: include new directories
- Channellist: 'Channel Selection' is now translated
- ChannelSelectionTitle: change renderer due to translation of 'Channel Selection'
- fix translations
- fix adjusted wordings
- allow more directories for Picons
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