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Thread: Samsat Hd55 Titan help!

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    Samsat Hd55 Titan help!

    Hi all, I'm new to the site.
    Im pretty new to all this so forgive my noobness.
    I was given a Samsat Hd 55 Titan last year running Proton which has now run out of 'days'
    Could anyone tell me the ins and out s of this box, it's capabilities, what type of system it
    is, how do I reset it, can I open more channels than it had before, I lost Hd signals about
    six months ago any idea why that would be?

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    Re: Samsat Hd55 Titan help!

    Anyone??? .

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    Re: Samsat Hd55 Titan help!

    Hi,i have one of these stb's and have just upgraded to this new software samsat hd 55/65 titan_black synaps_gi_1.6.57
    It adds iptv and a much better graphics.
    To install, unzip file and put it on a usb stick
    go into menu upgrade by usb and select .abs file sw/bootoader
    let it reboot and you'll probably find all the menus in russian so press menu goto 3rd line down press enter then i think it's across to the top line to change language to english.
    This is as far as i have got and i'm still trying to suss out how use cccam or mgcamd,will post back if i sort it out.
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