TV streamers thirstier for programming variety

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 21 January 2015

Viewers who stream TV programmes say they have more positive impressions of the quality and variety of TV content available to them and are more willing to try a greater variety of shows.

That's according to part two of the results from the second NATPE||Content First and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) joint research study on consumer attitudes toward TV.

"Our joint study confirms that consumers are increasingly embracing streaming as a means of discovering and viewing TV programming," said CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro. "As content distribution evolves, device manufacturers are launching a variety of innovations that deliver richer experiences and empower consumers with 'anytime/anywhere' access to their favourite television programmes."

The research uncovered that consumers seek out TV programming through many more outlets than in the past, with 71% saying they have watched streamed full length TV in the past six months. Top sources for full-length TV programmes include Netflix (40%), YouTube (26%), network websites (25%), sites that offer free programmes (22%) and network or service provider apps (12%).

Further, nearly two out of ten (19%) have watched TV programmes on video-on-demand (VOD) in the past six months as well.

"If a great show is created but no one is there to see it, then what's the point?" said NATPE president and CEO, Rod Perth. "It's critical that we understand the path of content and new ways to market and reach audiences that have scores of new platform alternatives, so that programmers can maximise sampling and repeat viewership, as well as sustain the costs of production."