Televisa appoints Engine CEO to drive distribution, production

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21 January 2015

The US division of Mexico's Grupo Televisa has named executive producer and current CEO of Engine Entertainment Chris Philip as head of its global unit to rev up its domestic and international English-language production and distribution.

Reporting to Televisa USA managing director Paul Presburger, Philip will also work closely with chief creative officer Michael Garcia and chief of operations and business affairs Ryan Likes to develop and set up new series in the US, secure international co-productions and oversee the sale of Televisa USA content worldwide.

The agreement also provides Televisa USA with rights to a pre-existing slate of projects from Sierra/Engine Television and its parent companies, Sierra Affinity and Engine Entertainment, to which Philip will continue to serve as CEO.

They include two NBC prime time action/adventure series Crossbones, starring John Malkovich, and suspense series Siberia; the crime thriller Parker; Tag Team, a syndicated buddy PI scripted series; and a music competition format Philip co-created with Gene Simmons from rock band KISS called Coliseum.

"Our strengthened global distribution, domestic and international production capacity, combined with our successful existing series and rapidly growing development slate, positions us extremely well for future growth," Presburger said. "Bringing Chris into the fold is a smart deal all the way around. We gain a first-rate executive producer and international TV executive who will provide us with access to his many pre-existing, high profile development and distribution projects."

"This deal adds tremendous value to both our slate and that of Televisa USA," added Philip. "Together, we will be an even more formidable force, with the studio putting into place all of the resources needed to attract top talent and create compelling television for the global marketplace."