NATPE 2015: Motors TV eyes Pan-American expansion

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21 January 2015

By launching a Spanish feed for Latin America and English programming for the US, French channel Motors TV is set to expand throughout the Americas.

Presented during NATPE 2015, the two new feeds aim to provide millions of racing fans with a diverse range of motorsport coverage previously only available to European audiences. The Latin American programming will be powered by Alterna'TV, a subsidiary of Eultesat Americas, while the US feed will be carried by THEMA, a Canal+ company, and will be distributed via Eutelsat America's 113 West A satellite.

This latest move is set to see Motors TV's 30-million-strong subscriber base from across 42 European countries soar thanks to a Pan-American audience passionate about motor racing.

"Over the past 15 years Motors TV has proven to be the destination of choice for passionate motorsports fans throughout Europe and the UK and now, thanks to Alterna'TV and THEMA, we can extend our programming feeds into the ideal US and Latin American markets," said Motors TV founder and CEO Jean-Luc Roy during the announcement. "We're very excited to be expanding into the Americas where European and international motorsport fans are underserved and eager to collaborate with Alterna'TV and THEMA on garnering carriage agreements to remedy that situation."

"Motors TV is the world's only 24/7 dedicated motorsport programming service and serves as the ideal addition for any sports programming package," added Alterna'TV CEO Aymeric Genty. "We're making the feed available immediately and believe operators will recognize the myriad benefits of rounding out their sports programming offer with a channel dedicated to all forms of motorsport; cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, you name it."

"Motorsport fans are passionate, persistent and incredibly loyal, which also places them in the top tier of targeted subscribers," pointed out THEMA's CEO Francois Thiellet. "Motors TV can deliver this coveted consumer group with its adrenaline-fuelled coverage of international and European car and motorcycle races, not to mention the boat and airplane competitions that are the icing on the cake."