Keshet International takes Boom! to Chile

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21 January 2015

The Keshet International format Boom! has been commissioned by the Chilean public broadcast network following its success in other Spanish-speaking countries including Uruguay and Spain.

keshetintThe deal follows the launch of BOOM! in Hungary, Kazakhstan and Spain where it has achieved good ratings. TV2's launch of the show in Hungary exceeded its slot average by 134%, an increase of 195% on its nearest competitor, while in Spain, BOOM! has been a secure bet for Antena 3, which has decided to extend the series.

In Uruguay, Canal 10 has bought the 35 episodes of the Spanish edition and BOOM! has also found homes in the USA, where is to launch on FOX in 2015, VTM in Belgium and TF1 in France.

"Acquiring a format like BOOM! allows us to further extend our entertainment programming slate which is highly valued by our audience," explained Nicolás Acuña, director of programming at TVN. "We hope BOOM!'s combination of general knowledge and physical game-play, which in our view is a great addition to our free-to-air schedule, will strike a chord with our viewers."

"BOOM!'s combination of physical and mental game-play has proved to be a winning formula drawing audiences, young and old, back to watch day after day. We are positive that we'll see more Latin American partners coming on board with this format in 2015," added Keren Shahar, general manager distribution at Keshet International.

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