NATPE 2015: Secuoya expands across the Americas

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 25 January 2015

Spain's Grupo Secuoya claims to have concluded a great NATPE with several formats sold across Latin America and the US, and concrete sales to Europe and South Africa.

The show Algo que Celebrar (Something to Celebrate) has been the most successful format for Secuoya, and is premiering on Spain's Antena 3, leading Wednesday's prime-time. Although the concrete deals have not been unveiled, Algo que Celebrar will be broadcast on several channels throughout Latin and Central America during 2015.

A package of other Secuoya formats like Sold Out, Planeta Alucinante, Surviving the Wolfpack, Tribus and The Shower has been sold to 12 countries including Colombia, Peru and the US. The Shower has also been licensed for France, Portugal and South Africa.

Grupo Secuoya keeps increasing its presence in Latin America and the US, after opening a new office in Miami and signing strategic agreements with Peru's Frecuencia Latina - through its local subsidiary Imizu - and Chile's Fábula, with which is to launch a new brand for TV production and distribution, Fábula Televisión.