OpenPLi4-oe2-800se-sim2-2015-01-25-sam backup

whats new & installed:
Enigma2 23-01-2015

-TSMEDIA OE2 8.3 all
-Arabicentertainment 5.4 (teledunet working with set id0=get butmostly currently offline so try later or wait for a fix other option is use teledunet autoinstaller that works perfectly )
-crossopg 0.8.1 (working ok 100% , just configure it)
-Flashexpander for openpli
-PluginSkinMover 0.6
-Enhanced Movies Center (EMC)
-WWECH 1.02
-dflash 13.8 all

all plugins tested & works ok without a single crash

--main lib/python files for iptv/streaming installed--

Cams installed
-CCcam 2.3.0
-Mgcamd 1.38_srf patched (Mgcamd config & softcam.keys included in usr/keys & set to work ok with newcamd client) ,SGR SWISS chs works ok!


-tested on internal flash & working 100% , space left around 2.7MB , plez b4 going to download any plugin or install any cams or etc , u should use flashexpander or PluginSkinMover to extend ur internal flash memory otherwise image will crash plez only mount a media/usb to use either of the 2 options to extend ur memory

how to mount media/usb & use pluginskinmover:
insert fat32 formated flash usb pin stick , initialize it by system menu then check mounting point (u should already got a media with media/hdd mounted either internal hdd or usb) so new usb should be mounted as media/usb , now with pluginskinmover from plugin browser use to move ur plugins to ur media/usb & s u will free up at least 10 mb( if u move arabic plugin ,tsmedia plugin ,EMC plugin & openwebif plugin )

if anyone experienced crash or error in my previous bacup 15-1-2015 that could be mostly from original image source coz openpli4 updating their libc files & thus a crash or error could be there , but i tested openpli4 dated 25-1-2015 original image by gjstroom & it is ok & all plugins preinstalled & manually installed working fine

i made 2 backups difference is just the source version of librtmp
but both work with iptv/streaming

1st backup
2nd backup