IRIS.TV sees 50% more TV viewing

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 28 January 2015

IRIS.TV is claiming that its Adaptive Stream platform has increased video consumption by 50% across all its clients.

In general, viewers tend to watch a video and bounce to another site or app. When users are presented with an IRIS.TV stream of recommended videos, they tend to watch four to five times as much content - higher than that typically observed with loyal viewers.

By integrating Adaptive Stream into their video players and mobile apps, IRIS.TV's clients can deliver relevant streams of video to their viewers; then, viewers' feedback is captured in real-time through interactive buttons, allowing the stream to dynamically adapt to the changing preferences.

"At IRIS.TV, we have carefully constructed the most dynamic viewing experience to date, allowing users to enhance content consumption and maximise video view inventory for its content publishers," said COO Richie Hyden. "Much like programmatic ad tech has revolutionised the advertising space, IRIS.TV is bringing the future of TV to the present by optimising the delivery of single video assets to users. These results prove that users will increase their consumption when personally relevant content is delivered to them."