Loft London increases DPP and QC capacity

DetailsEditor | 29 January 2015

Leading UK production house Loft London has completed expansion of its operational facilities with the addition of two further QC/DPP hybrid suites.

The investment follows the increased demands in deliveries to UK broadcasters after the launch of the DPP initiative in October 2014 and also the increased requirements of Loft's delivery partners such as BBC Worldwide, Zodiak Rights, Netflix and ITV Studios Global Entertainment. The increase in capacity also sees the partial automation of the DPP AS11 work streams by utilising VidCheck, Root6's Content Agent and integration into Loft's orchestration platform.

"In response to the increased requirements from not just our clients, but also from our delivery and platform partners," explained Loft London group chairman Jeremy Bronitt. "[our] two new suites will increase our throughput into [partners' supply chains]. These suites will support not only the requirements of DPP deliveries, but also the deliveries to our international partners."