Qwilt beds down on colleges for online video binge-viewing

DetailsEditor | 29 January 2015

Online video delivery and open caching solutions provider Qwilt is sensing a huge opportunity in supporting binge-viewing for US college students.

The company believes that there exists a lot of mileage in the new college lifestyle that now includes consuming copious amounts of online video such as educational streaming content, shows on Netflix and streaming Twitch tournaments.

To this end Qwilt is working with universities worldwide to deliver faster and better quality online and streaming video to students for whom video streaming is increasingly regarded as improving educational experiences. Moreover, the company notes a growing deluge of traffic on university networks from online video sources like class lectures, TED talks, as well as in the entertainment field usual suspects Netflix and ESPN. This however, has led to a situation whereby the mounting costs of Internet bandwidth coupled with increased streaming video traffic can leave network administrators with expensive transit bills and college students frustrated when network congestion degrades their Quality of Experience (QoE).

Qwilt is confident that its Open Cache solution solves this streaming video problem in a simple and cost-effective way. It adds that its technology includes purpose-built features to handle the level of online video traffic that universities face, taking cached video content from Qwilt's platform and delivering it directly to the user.

"We've had Qwilt in place for six months and it's continually been rock solid," revealed Jason Sebastiani, principal network engineer at Grand Canyon University. "After just one week of automatically learning what it could cache, we turned the Qwilt cache on and got immediate savings. Qwilt's Open Cache solution currently serves close to 1GB per second of our streaming video peak traffic per day, which is about 65% of our total video bandwidth."