Polish internet increasingly prefer to watch YouTube and Facebook videos rather than TV channels when online.

Quoting a study by IRCenter, Wirtualne Media reports that 92% of internet users in the country access YouTube and 85% Facebook.

On the other hand, the two most popular TV channels in the country – Polsat and TVN – are only watched online by 66% of internet users.

Internet users also show a strong preference for also accessing subscription cable and DTH service (76%), along with public TV (72%).

Through the internet, they watch free (92%) and paid (15%) VOD, and listen to internet radio (66%).

Internet users not interested in watching traditional TV watch VOD, mostly on youTube, ipla.tv and Zalukaj.tv, and have a strong interest in mobile internet and Facebook.

Viewers who watch video on TVs, PCs and mobile devices are willing to pay to do so. Aside from watching the four main TV channels, they also access YouTube, Cyfrowy Polsat and TVP’s VOD content.