The fate of two national DTT multiplexes still remains unclear in Romania.

In a statement, the regulator ANCOM has announced that it has awarded a total of five regional multiplexes to 2K Telecom (four in Bucharest and one in Ploiesti), along with one each to Radio M Plus (Iasi), Regal (Ramnicu Valcea), Cargo Sped (Sibiu) and Digital Video Broadcast (Satu Mare).

All the licences are valid from June 17 this year to June 17, 2025.

Furthermore, Cargo Sped and Regal will take part in a further round of licence allocation on February 11 to determine which multiplexes they will share.

After this, ANCOM will announce the final results of the auction, including the fees that each winning company will be required to pay.

Media Expres points out that last June Radiocom won licences for three national multiplexes after its only challenger RCS&RDS dropped out of the contest. However, two other national multiplexes have still to be allocated.