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Thread: Help for amiko 8000

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    Help for amiko 8000

    Good night,
    There are days when introducing a new soft wrong (by mistake) in 8000 amiko the device left to give and only displays the hours and while linking ecram the message (SW is not designed for this HW, please chang back to official SW! - 00000000000000).
    After endless attempts, methyl the official software for RS232 "loader_Amiko_SHD-7900-8000_STHD-8800.rar) through the respective" loader "(Upgrade_Tool_1.0.03.rar), but always comes back to the same message (SW is not designed for this HW , please chang back to official SW! -00000000000000).
    Already do not know what to do. Please tell me which step I can take to put this right.
    Now my thanks.


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    Re: Help for amiko 8000

    anyone please in my amiko 8000 just i see hours i try hyperterminal upgrade tool nothing help please, many thanks

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