NBC sells out $4.5MN-per-spot Super Bowl ad inventory

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 31 January 2015

As American football fans in the US and beyond gear up for the Big Game this weekend, NBC has announced that its Super Bowl advertising inventory — going for a record $4.4-$4.5 million per 30-second spot — is officially sold out.

NBC Sports Group and NBC Universal News Group’s executive vice president of sales and sales marketing, Seth Winter, told reporters that there were about 70 national units for sale during the game — which translates into the network taking about $308 million in total ad sales for on-air spots.

He added that he feels that a 30-second commercial really provides a $10 million value “because of all the incremental exposure that the creative receives on all the different social media platforms like YouTube or publicity.”

In total, the Super Bowl will see about 15 new advertisers, Winter said. Top representation comes from malt beverages, insurance, soft drinks, gaming and apps, and fast food chains, while films will hold their own. Traditional segments like cars, wireless and technology are down, however, with car commercials surprisingly down by about half.