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Thread: Banners Mod V12 (Sbox + CCcam + Multics )

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    Banners Mod V12 (Sbox + CCcam + Multics )

    Banners Mod V12 (Sbox + CCcam + Multics )

    New Image for 500 base v11 updates with sbox 0.0.5-4 0, the addition of MULTICS, corrections for faster boot corrections permits some binary, a new Bootlogo and some internal modifications ( libraries and modules) comes defaulted to a white card of D +, failing to put your RSA and Boxkey. I believe you by now know very well that the first time you load a MODLONAS be done by DreamUp. The different options to choose at boot are: CCcam => start only CCcam CCcam Sbox + => dually will start up the Sbox emus and CCcam, Sbox makes reader and server CCcam of Sbox => To read directly our server card or make sbox alone. Sbox + CCcam + Multics => dually will start up the Sbox and CCcam emus while Multics, Sbox ago card reader and CCcam of server, Multics you know what it does lol. CCcam + Multics => CCcam dually will start up and Multics. Username: root Password: dreambox Acknowledgements: I want to thank Jabellan tester for making this new update , right now I have no way to test it since my 500 died not long ago, but the companion Jabellan took over test image, so thank you Jabe !! without you I could not have pulled the update. It is difficult to draw something you can not see how it works, so the testing Jabellan is essential thankful. Author's Notes: - If you find any error or mistake, beg to comment me as soon as I personally have no way of test the image. - I would ask you to please download links are respected, nothing more than that;) - Cite the source, ie this thread Donations: Do you like my work? want to go ahead with them? Can you make a small donation in gratitude ( remember, this is all FREE !! ) List of Contributors: . List of Donors :: Thanks ::.

    cea mai tare imagine testat
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