Brazilian pay-TV marketed trimmed in December 2014

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02 February 2015

Although Brazilian pay-TV figures showed a 7.6% growth during 2014, this average hides a trend of decline which in December resulted in the first reduction of subs seen for a long time.

Nearing a penetration of 30%, the industry ended 2014 with 19.59 million subscribers, according to the national telecom authority Anatel, while a month before the sector had 19.81 million subs. The fall is not massive, but does point to a stabilisation of Latin America's largest pay-TV market.

In November, direct-to-home (DTH) platforms claimed to be leading the sector and capitalising on most of the growth, but a month later it DTH that was losing subscribers, down from 12.28 million to 11.94 million, whereas cable TV was adding subscriptions, with nearly 100,000 new subs.

However, the year's total figures are positive, with DTH adding over 700,000 subscribers since January 2014 and cable adding more than 600,000.

On the operator side, nothing has changed. América Móvil subsidiary Telmex Group (which includes Claro, Net and Embratel) is leading the sector with 10.2 million subscribers, while Sky and DirecTV are joint second with 5.6 million subs. Oi is still third with 1.3 million, followed by GVT and Telefónica, which will soon combine their customers to become Brazil's third largest pay-TV operator with nearly 1.7 million subs.