Grudge Match preps TV/gaming update

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 03 February 2015

Grudge Match Sports is gearing up to officially launch this August, as a multi-pronged entertainment platform that includes a video game, online streaming platform and an updated television show, based on the 1991 Grudge Match TV programme.

"We were way ahead of our time," said Rich Melcombe, creator of Grudge Match, and president and CEO of Richmel Media & Productions. "People were not used to seeing ordinary people fighting it out in a boxing ring over a simple dispute or act of revenge."

Grudge Match television will be spearheaded by Grudge Match's original director, Bob Dunphy, a veteran boxing and MMA director, and Melcombe. Grudge Match TV will feature real people amateurs with real grudges fighting hand-to-hand combat, or with weapons, to settle their disputes. Incorporated into every television show will be two to three video game matches featuring the best Grudge Match game players.

"I'm excited to be part of Grudge Match Sports," said Dunphy. "The original Grudge Match became a pop culture phenomenon, but since then, technology and storytelling have changed. We are going to deliver audiences a very exciting, entertaining, nonstop action show, and create the ultimate e-sport platform."

Meanwhile, a cross between Steam and Twitch, Grudge Match Universe will be Grudge Match's streaming platform.

"No one under the age of 35 seems to know about eSports, yet they have become more popular than the average MLB, NBA, college football and basketball game," said Melcombe. "Last year 18 of the top 20 18-49 targeted cable networks lost audience, and many media outlets have given different theories as to what happened. I can tell you where they've gone. They are playing, competing or watching e-sports."