Cheers for Budweiser as leading Super Bowl ad

DetailsEditor | 03 February 2015

The highlight of the US advertising industry, the Super Bowl 2015 didn’t fail to disappoint, with humour continuing to be most effective in capturing the attention of viewers.

According to TiVo Research — said to be the only audience research service using second-by-second viewership data to rank top Super Bowl spots based on actual commercial retention relative to overall programme viewership — the top ten commercials and promotions from Super Bowl XLIX were the Budweiser - Lost Dog (song by Sleeping at Last); Joyful Heart Foundation - 911 Delivery; Doritos - Middle Seat; Nationwide Insurance - Invisible Mindy Kaling; Supercell: Clash of Clans - Revenge featuring Liam Neeson; FIAT 500X - Blue Pill; Snickers - The Brady Bunch featuring Danny Trejo; Avocados From Mexico - First Draft Ever; Coca-Cola - #MakeItHappy; Nissan - With Dad (song by Harry Chapin).

For the fifth year in a row, TiVo found viewership for the half-time show exceeding that of the overall game. The top re-watched moments from the game itself were (1) 10.04pm ET the fight in the final seconds of the game, (2) 10pm ET Tom Brady and Richard Sherman’s reaction to Malcolm Butler's goal-line interception and (3) 9.56pm ET Jermaine Kearse’s catch.

“From start to finish this year’s Super Bowl was full of emotion, but humorous spots still resonated the most with viewers. Our research highlights the most watched nail-biting game moments, the always present humorous ads, as well as more substantive ads and a half-time performance of a lifetime,” said Tara Maitra, senior vice president, general manager content & media sales at TiVo. “TiVo Research’s second-by-second behavioural insights into Super Bowl viewership will again provide networks and brands access to the big data they need to optimise media efficiency.