El Salvador's Canal 4 premieres Globo telenovelas

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04 February 2015

Increasing its current portfolio of soap operas, El Salvador's free-to-air (FTA) channel Canal 4 is to premiere one of the latest successes of Brazil's Globo, following its presentation at NATPE 2015.

fightorloveThe channel, owned by the Telecorporación Salvadoreña group, will premiere Fight or Love? at the end of February.

The production will be added to a schedule which includes variety shows and sports, as well as other Brazilian telenovelas, such as Globo's Caribbean Flower, Tangled Hearts and The Life We Lead.

In Fight or Love?, a multimillion-dollar inheritance requires cousins to have an intense coexistence, which further aggravates disagreements between them. Amidst this heated family feud, love, passion and other essential ingredients of soap opera dramas will come into play.

Written by Silvio de Abreu, the humorous plot was watched by 35 million viewers when it aired on Globo in prime time in Brazil. It was also aired in Portugal, where it ranked among the most popular pay-TV shows in the country, according to Globo.