Canoe logs 20% quarterly growth in ad viewership

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 05 February 2015

TV advertising tech specialist Canoe said that it saw 20% growth in viewership for each quarter of 2014, with a vast majority a viewed ad impressions occurring in mid-roll positions.

With over 1,900 ad campaigns run through the platform per quarter, the company said that Saturday and Sunday generate more views than other days of week.

Meanwhile, the company reported that the Canoe video-on-demand (VOD) digital ad insertion (DAI) is now enabled across multiple cable operators in more than 32 million digital cable households nationwide, representing 29 of the top 30 DMAs. Canoe has more than 50 TV networks it is currently stewarding ads on behalf of, it said, including A&E, ABC, AMC, CBS, CW, Fox, HGTV, MTV, NBCU, and TNT, with another 70-plus networks in the on-boarding process.

"We are pleased to see the kind of tremendous usage of the Canoe platform reflected in this report," said Joel Hassell, CEO at Canoe. "And that this volume comes from both returning marketers and new advertisers who are finding the quality of cable VOD a viable option in their media mix."