TabletTV joins

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 05 February 2015

TabletTV, a joint venture by Motive Television and Granite Broadcasting, has joined

The goal is to expand access to free, local and live broadcast TV by wireless consumers on mobile tablets across the US. TabletTV, which first launched in San Francisco last month, leverages broadcasters' network and spectral efficiencies and offers wireless consumers dozens of local broadcast channels and access to major network programming, without any subscription fees or monthly charges.

TabletTV charges a one-time price of $89.95, which includes the TabletTV mobile application and a T-Pod antenna. The T-Pod communicates directly with the tablet without needing the Internet via private Wi-Fi, then scans for local broadcast channels. It is the 29th organisation to join

"TabletTV is pleased to partner with to advocate for the interest of consumers and local broadcast TV stations across America," said Luc Tomasino, CMO at TabletTV. "We believe that every wireless consumer in America has a right to watch the most popular network and local TV programming live sports, news, entertainment available on broadcast television when they want, where they want with no monthly bill. It's our mission to make it simple for US consumers to enjoy access to dozens of free, local broadcast channels via their tablets with no monthly subscriptions or contracts."