Vodafone Netherlands has filed a lawsuit with the Court of Rotterdam against the Dutch regulator ACM over the approval of KPN’s takeover of FTTH operator Reggefiber.

Last October the Autoriteit Consument en Markt (ACM) approved KPN’s acquisition of a controlling 60% stake in Reggefiber with a further option to obtain full ownership of the FTTH network.

Last November KPN has reached an agreement with joint-venture partner Reggeborgh to acquire the remaining 40% stake and obtain 100% ownership.

Vodafone is a wholesale customer of Reggefiber for its triple play services including Vodafone TV. However, Reggefiber is subject to wholesale access regulation.

Commenting on the lawsuit, Vodafone spokesperson Joost Galema told local press “During the coming years we investing hundreds of millions to obtain a good position in the fixed market. Therefore we would like security. “