Dutch incumbent KPN said it has reached two million TV subscribers during 2014 by adding 83K IPTV homes.

However, the company remains vague about the number of DTT homes it still serves. Last October we estimated that the total number of DTT subscribers was below 500,000.

“In consumer residential, the commercial initiatives implemented in Q3 resulted in high growth and IPTV base growth,” said Eelco Blok, chairman and CEO, during an investor’s call.

“Two weeks ago, we announced the introduction of our innovative TV everywhere application. Our IPTV customers are able to watch live TV while out of home. They will be able to stream their previously recorded programs, you starred-over TV, etcetera and this is truly a unique service in the Dutch market enabled by our cloud-based PVR functionality, our large interactive TV base and the high quality KPN 4G network.”

KPN’s Steven van Schilfgaarde added: “The high sales numbers in the fourth quarter both on mobile and on broadband and TV were driven by additional promotions of KPN and additional marketing spends. And I don’t know if it was really impacted by the merger of Ziggo and UPC.

“We became somewhat more aggressive and also looking at quality level and functionalities of our propositions. We are very well positioned in the market. We have the best TV proposition in Dutch market and have not ranked by our sales, but by the largest consumer organisation.”