Samsung top dog as LCD TV sector logs 5.4% growth

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 06 February 2015

South Korea's Samsung has retained its leading position in the global LCD TV sector, carving a 22.8% market share in a year that saw the total number of unit shipments reach 215 million.

LCD TV shipments exceeded expectations in 2014, with an annual growth of 5.4%, according to WitsView, a division of Trend Force.

North America's economic recovery, the promotion of large size TVs and PDP replacement demands have all contributed to the growth, researchers said.

South Korea's LG retained its No 2 position in 2014 with 14% of the market share, while Japan's Sony took 6.8% of the market share.

Chinese brands occupied the fourth to the seventh positions. TCL and Hisense were noted to have lower purchasing costs than the others, resulting in particularly aggressive sales strategies.

"The Chinese brands are facing saturation of the domestic market and persistent challenges from major international brands abroad, but their momentums have been overwhelming," said KK Chang, research manager, WitsView.