Pascal to step down at Sony Pictures

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 06 February 2015

Amy Pascal will step down as co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, leaving the post in May to launch her own Sony-backed production venture.

In the wake of a massive data breach that will cost the company close to $15 million in clean-up costs, embarrassing emails from Pascal to Hollywood heavy hitters have come to light, which included making fun of various celebrities like Angelina Jolie, and cracking racist jokes about President Obama's film tastes.

Fellow co-chairman Michael Lynton said that the hack and its aftermath allegedly carried out by North Korea in retaliation for the production of the Interview, which pokes fun at Kim Jung-Un had nothing to do with the decision to not renew her contract.

Pascal joined Sony's Columbia Pictures in 1988. She said that the transition to producer had been planned for "quite some time".

"As the slate for the next two years has come together, it felt like the right time to transition into this new role," she said. "I am leaving the studio in great hands."