ACA: FCC shouldn't regulate smaller cable operators

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 06 February 2015

The US telecom regulator is considering reclassifying broadband as a public utility and the cable industry isn't happy about it.

The FCC said that it will implement tough new net neutrality rules after the change is made. The American Cable Association (ACA) is arguing that smaller broadband providers should be exempt.

Smaller ISPs "do not, cannot, and do not wish to engage in practices that would harm Internet openness, either because they face competition or are striving to drive up adoption, and because they lack the negotiating power to extract compensation from Internet edge providers," wrote ACA lawyer Barbara Esbin in a filing with the FCC this week.

Esbin quoted Betty Zeman, marketing manager for ACA member Cedar Falls Utilities, which has about 12,500 broadband customers, as saying: "Netflix would laugh us out of the room if we asked for money."

Small and medium-size ISPs "do not have the incentive or ability to engage in unreasonable or discriminatory practices," Esbin wrote.