Reuters launches mobile TV service

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 06 February 2015

News agency Reuters has launched a mobile TV news service for iPhone, aimed at the growing segment of the population that has eschewed traditional TV news.

Reuters TV offers a personalised, on-demand news show, and live feeds of global events. The news service is making it free for 30 days with a $1.99 monthly subscription thereafter.

"The way we consume TV and hear about news has changed," said Isaac Showman, managing director of Reuters TV. "Reuters TV is news for the Netflix age: it's individually relevant, on-demand and up-to date. It's ideal for viewing during your daily commute."

Reuters TV offers two services: Reuters Now, an algorithmically assembled but editorially curated news programme, and real-time coverage of global events.

Reuters TV content will take a global view as well, with a focus on telling stories from capitals, money centres and conflict zones around the world and delivering insights and analysis from Reuters' journalists as stories unfold.

"This is a radically new way of presenting news straight to consumers," said Dan Colarusso, executive Editor of Reuters TV. "Reuters TV will be fast when it needs to be fast, deep when viewers want depth, but most importantly, it will be news that's authentic, coming straight from the source and journalists on the ground."